Capture and modify HTTP requests on Android

This is a simple method I found to modify HTTP/HTTPS requests on an Android phone using a PC and Charles Proxy with ProxyDroid for Android. It is possible to get Charles Proxy for free (pirating) but as always if you like their work consider purchasing the software.

    1. Download and Install Charles Proxy to your PC.
    2. Once installed open it, go to proxy, proxy settings, select SSL and add a * to the locations
    3. Now on your Android phone go to http://charlesproxy.com/charles.crt, Name the certificate (anything) and install it.
    4. Next we need to download and install ProxyDroid to our Android device.
    5. On your PC open command prompt and type ipconfig then enter your PC’s IP address (in ProxyDroid on your Android device) as the proxy address and use the port 8888 (default).
    6. Within Charles Proxy Click proxy and click recording (session 1) if not already checked.

You will now see data being sent to and from your Android device, You can now have fun using the tools included with Charles, such as; rewrite (modify requests), repeat advanced (send multiple requests) etc


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