Easily bypass school/workplace filtering using Google

In this post I will explain how students easily bypass a school or work filtering system using only Google

There are many ways to bypass filtering systems but I will show you how you can bypass the majority of filtering systems using only Google which in most establishments is not blocked, this is generally how students circumvent our filtering.

There are a few ways to use Google to bypass filtering, the first way I will explain is using Google’s cached pages, this also works for bypassing some paywalls.

Bypass filtering using Google’s Cached pages

  1. open a browser and visit Google.com
  2. search for the required website or more specifically the required page (for example if you wanted to play a game such as Happy Wheels, then search “happy wheels”. Should this get filtered try to break the words up e.g “hap py wh eels”.
  3. In the search results find the most relevant one and click the little green down arrow
  4. then click “cached”
  5. This should now bypass the filtering and open the page.

Another method is to use Google Translate.

Bypass filtering using Google Translate

  1. open a browser and enter
  2. replace “http://example.com/” with the website you wish to visit
  3. You may need to change the language to a different language that the website is not already in.

Another method is to use Google’s Mobilizer (this is no longer supported by Google).

Bypass filtering using Google Mobilizer

  1. open a browser and enter
  2. again replace “http://example.com/” with the website you wish to visit

The final method I will show is how to use Google Modules to bypass filtering.

Bypass filtering using Google Modules

  1. open a browser and enter
  2. replace “http://example.com/” with the website you wish to visit
  3. Note this method may get blocked by some more modern filtering systems as it uses the word proxy in the address bar.


These are a few methods I have picked up over the years and also these are methods that students tend to use in schools where I have worked.

Hope this helps 🙂


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