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What we wanted

In this article I will be talking about hacking android games. I personally find hacking games no fun as it ruins the challenge in a game. However my brother and I have been playing a game for some time called Little Commander – WWII TD which is a tower defense style game. In this game you can upgrade your units. We had both played it loads in order to earn points and upgrade our units however over the weekend my brothers reset itself, it still remembered what level he was on and still had the same XP yet his units were back to level one. This frustrated him, so he than began to bug me about. Continuously asking if I could hack it just so he could get back to where he was – He didn’t want to use it to progress further.

What I tried first

So because of this I began looking into it. The first thing I looked at was what data was stored on the device itself. With some games it can be as simple as a file on the device contains the information about the game and player, this information could include amount of money, units levels etc. Sometimes this data is stored in XML which makes it easy to locate and read – however with the game in question this was not the case.

Second attempt

As that failed and there seemed to be little data on the device for this game I thought it must be on a server somewhere and communicate the data whilst playing so I looked at modifying the HTTP requests, this means as the device sends and receives data I would inspect it and see if there were values that could relate to points in order to change. After studying the data for sometime I was unable to find any relevant. Sometimes it is possible to repeat requests, for example say you complete a level and receive a 100 points, The device then communicates with the server to say this user has just earnt 100 points. It may be possible to repeat this request a 10 times and therefore trick the server into thinking you received 1000 points for completing the level 10 times and not once. This also did not work.


After trying the above I remembered a method I used a long time ago which was to use a Android Cheating App to modify values whilst playing the game. The app I used in the past was called GameCIH. GameCIH however did not work anymore on my new android device but I stumbled on another one called SB Game Hacker. To use this app you open it on the device with the game then you open the game, SB Game Hacker will stay on top of the game your playing. Once you have your game loaded you find the value you wish to change (say money) and the search for it using SB Game Hacker, generally it will find many results. So the easiest thing to do is to spend some money so the value you wish to change changes then open SB Game Hacker again and type the new number that the value changed to, you may need to do this a few times but you will eventually narrow down the results. Then the fun/easy bit,  you just click modify (within SB Game Hacker) and type how much money (in this case) you want and it will change the value. Easy!

You may have to be inventive with these hack apps as they can cause games to become unstable, crash or just not work on some values. If we look at what my brother wanted to do he wanted to upgrade his units to what he was at before it reset, we tried just changing the level the units were at but this did not work, what did work though was changing the amount it cost to upgrade the units 😛

Remember hacking games can ruin the fun, not just for you but for others – also the developers don’t appreciate it, if you like it and can afford to why not buy the upgrades?


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