Hackthis.co.uk is a website with a rather unique method of teaching you how to hack with the idea you will then be able to better protect yourself and applications. I have found Hackthis.co.uk to be n00b friendly and a great place to start. Even if your not new to hacking, pentesting and security testing it is still fun to try out the challenges and interact with the community.

Hackthis.co.uk offers over 40 levels for you to complete, from simple hacks to harder and more complex ones. The majority of levels have hints which help point you in the right direction if you have no idea where to start. Also available for each level is sub forum areas where you can ask other users for hints and help.

Hackthis.co.uk also offers a lot of articles on hacking that can be submitted by any member, however only the best articles are chosen for the website. Hackthis.co.uk have a friendly community that always seem to be willing to help, even if you don’t want help it’s still fun to chat with these people.

They have recently released quite a few new challenges and also late last year held a Capture the Flag event which was a big hit with the users. The levels vary from just having to find certain information within the source code of the website to having to use SQL injections to bypass login forms.

When I first started looking into web security I stumbled upon this website. I can truly say it has helped me understand and learn new methods used in hacking. Though a lot of the levels are not feasible in the real world it definitely gets you thinking along the right lines.

Hackthis.co.uk is a FREE website and no subscriptions are required and there is very little in the way of adverts, so they only make money from donations. I urge you that if you like the website you show your gratitude by donating, you will also get a nice symbol next to your username for the effort and be listed as a donator.

I have really enjoyed this website and I am sure I will continue to, the admins are working very hard at keeping it updated and current.

One last thing… This is a LEGAL hacking website and does not condone hacking of websites without permission or illeagal hack requests. If you ask how to hack Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or any website that you do not have permission to then be prepared for a telling off <– a nice way of putting it. Anyway I hope to see you there!



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