How to check what your computer is connecting to

For many different reasons you may wish to check what your computer is communicating with. It may be your internet has become slow and you think a program, malware, spyware etc are using your internet without your knowledge. It may also be a case of diagnosing issues with internet filtering if you are part of a business or school.

To check what your computer is connecting to, open command prompt as an admin (click start –> type cmd –> right click “run as administrator”) and type

<pre>netstat -abf 5 > activity.txt</pre>

After a few minutes press ctrl+c to cancel.

This will produce a file called activity.txt within your profile, this file will consist of different processes on your computer that have made a connection along with the full DNS name that it connected to.

I found this helpful when diagnosing issues with our website filtering.


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