It’s all change!

Exciting Stuff!

As the title suggests everything is changing for me at the moment, for starters my beautiful girlfriend is pregnant 😀 I am actually totally excited and happy 🙂 Second I will be stepping up in my workplace from my current job as an ICT Technician to ICT Network Manager for a term (I work in a secondary school), then after the term the job will be advertised and I will apply – Hopefully I’ll get it too!

Because of these things I am finding it hard to find the time to do any write ups on here, but the plus side is when I do eventually get the time I will have a lot more to add. I will do my best to add articles and posts to do with a whole range of things including networking from an ICT Network Manager point of view!

New Wireless!

Within my workplace we currently have lots of exciting things going on, the six weeks holiday is generally busy for us. This year we have a new wireless network being installed. We have chosen a Meru wireless network, mainly because of feedback from other schools and because it’s easy to manage with a web interface. I personally like the Meru network as it’s intelligent, for example if you connect your device to a AP (Access Point) and then wonder of in the direction of another it will automatically disconnect you from the AP and re-connect you to the closer one therefore not slowing the connection – and it does this without interrupting the connection! Anyway I will add more on this once it is up and running.


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